A chat about balance exercise



Balance exercises



A few more balance exercises



Knee exercises



Shut Up and Dance

Lockdown 2


Lockdown Country Boogie

Lockdown 2


Pasito A Paso

Gentle dance


Un Corazon

Cool Down  


Bank Holiday Boogie

Block 1


Bank Holiday Boogie

Block 3


Bank Holiday Boogie

Block 2


Bank Holiday Boogie



Baila Pa Emociana

Calypso warm up


Seated Mobility

Stepping Out



Warm Up


Sit/Stand exercises

Stepping Out


Solito Y Sin Ti

Tribal music

Arms & Legs!


Whistle & Work

Fitness booster


La Rumbita

Busy dance


Ella Me Copia

Hispanic vibes!



Indian Stlye Dance






Lista Pa' Vivir

The one that sounds like

"Bobby V"


Accordian Dance

A Russian Stylye


Lista Pa' Vivir

Turns added to this




Gentle romance


La Cinta Roja

Gentle dance


Ay La Vecina

Happy energy


Si Como No




Chacha Swing

Charleston style


Yo No Soy Un Monstruo

Gentle dance


Boogie Boogie

Our party dance


Bingo Wings

Tricep Workout


For Your Thighs Only

Thigh Workout




Quick Step


A Mi Me Gusto

Happy dance

Click on film icon next to track to start the video. BailaPaEmociana_1.mp4 LaRumbita_1.mp4 Solito.mp4 Seated_Mobility.mp4 Shant.mp4 ListaPaVivir.mp4 ListaPaVivir_Fitness.mp4 La Cinta Roja.mp4 Si Como No.mp4 Steppping Out 2.mp4 Tacata.mp4 Soco.mp4 EllaMeCopia.mp4 Corazoncito.mp4 Beach_Dance.mp4 TheAccordianDance.mp4 Flechao.mp4 AyLaVecina.mp4 Chacha_Swing.mp4 Bingo_Wings.mp4 Bank_Holiday_Boogie.mp4 Bank_Holiday_Boogie2.mp4 Bank_Holiday_Boogie3.mp4 Bank_Holiday_boogie4.mp4 Yo_No_Soy_Un_Monstruo.mp4 Boogie_Boogie.mp4 For_Your_Thys_Only.mp4 A_Mi_Me_Gusta.mp4 In_Corazon.mp4 Pasito_A_Paso.mp4

Please remember: When using my videos to exercise I’m not there to ensure your safety, so do be safe & sensible! Check your exercise area to ensure there are no trip hazards & that you have enough space in which to move.  Drink water & take breaks when necessary.  Do make adaptations to suit your own fitness level and any pre existing conditions.  Move2exercise (Sadie Davy) cannot be held responsible for any injury caused by performing the exercise videos! … All that said, please enjoy & I hope to be teaching in the community again soon! Sadie xx

Shut_Up_And_Dance.mp4 Lockdown_Country.mp4 Balance_Instructions.mp4 Balance_01.mp4 Balance_02.mp4 Knee_01.mp4